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About us

Novelis supplies pre-painted & anodised solid aluminium sheet for sustainable architecture: 100% recyclable, UV-resistant, fire rated A1 according to DIN EN 13501 and with high permissible load.

Novelis is leading in aluminium rolled products markets such as cans, construction and industrial products, foil and flexible packaging and automotive. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, Novelis is also leader in aluminum recycling. We transform the recycled aluminum back into new products in an endless loop of efficiency and sustainability.

Novelis solid aluminium facade products are fire rated A1 as non-combustible and are certified to be used on high rise buildings with heights above 22m and for tall buildings with heights above 150m, with full coverage by international insurance companies. The outstanding flatness, permissible load of 96 Mpa and excellent UV resistance make it ideal for cladding. New innovative surfaces extend the range of products.

Products and services

Novelis supplies surface finished solid aluminium for sustainable architecture

Novelis solid pre-painted aluminium ff2® and ff3® for facades

  • non-combustible – A1 fire rated according to DIN EN 13501
  • high-quality surface with excellent weather-resistance due to PVdF (80/20) coating
  • AlMg3 alloy with excellent performance
  • extremely flat & low stress
  • wide span-width & high wind loads (96 Mpa)
  • 100% recyclable

Novelis anodising qualities J57S UP® and J73A UP® for facades Anodized aluminium is the perfect material for decorative high quality facades, roofs and interior cladding where brilliant metallic surface design is needed.

Key properties of anodized Novelis aluminium:

  • decorative, with permanent metallic gloss
  • wide colour range with ideal colour uniformity
  • corrosion (in neutral pH range) and weather resistant
  • durable, low maintenance costs
  • 100% recyclable

J57S UP®: ideal material for batch anodizing
J73A UP®: coil anodized, ready to process, economic in handling and transport

Novelis anodizing quality J57S<sup>®</sup>

Novelis anodizing quality J57S®

The facade of Cockerill headquarters in Belgium is eye-catching. The Architects chose Novelis J57S® due to its’ outstanding color and gloss consistency. The most striking façade element is a golden metal net of 2mm thick aluminium that unfolds around the building. Also the second skin is made from perforated golden J57S® with rectangular cutouts.
NEW: J57S UP® exceeds the properties of J57S® and is ideal for anodizers; offering exceptional handling through anodizing with optimum surface finish.

Novelis solid pre-painted aluminium ff2<sup>®</sup>

Novelis solid pre-painted aluminium ff2®

Alice Lane, located in Johannesburg, was awarded with a 4-green-star not only for the infinite recyclability of the aluminum. The perforated façade is made from Novelis ff2® pre-painted aluminium in 2 mm gauge, known around the world for its durability and economic efficiency. Paragon Architects designed the rear-ventilated façade enabling sun protection and light transmission simultaneously. Excellent processability (alloy 5754) and a PVdF (80/20) coating ensure long-lasting brilliant facades.

Novelis coil-anodized J73A<sup>®</sup>

Novelis coil-anodized J73A®

The French National Archive, near Paris is composed of two main “bodies”, one horizontal with glass elements and the diamond-shaped facade of the colossal building clad with Novelis J73A® coil-anodised solid aluminum. The Italian architects Fuksas selected J73A® standing out by its`durable surface & decorative brilliance. It is ready to process, thus economically efficient in transport and handling. J73A® is non-combustible and 100% recyclable.

News & Innovations

Novelis coil-coated surfaces in anodized look for roofing and cladding in inside and outside architecture 

Novelis brought up a range of coil coating color shades in anodized optic for high quality pre-painted architecture products. The new coating options in anodized look allow architects a large variety of combinations for creative, modern and elegant designs – sustainable and cost efficient. The new coil-coating innovation of anodized optics can be applied to Novelis premium building products such as:

  • Novelis ff2® aluminium sheets in 2mm for façade cladding
  • Novelis FALZONAL® aluminium for roofing in 0,7 mm in standing seam technology.

ff2® and FALZONAL® are non-combustible and A1 fire-rated material according to DIN EN 13501, certified even for tall and public buildings. Both lacquered brands are 100% recyclable and surface finished with high quality PVdF coatings for ideal weather resistance in extreme climates and with long-lasting durability.


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