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About us

For many decades now, Weiss has been a synonym for top-level services in the segments of adhesives and sandwich panel technology. Weiss is among the market leaders whilst pooling these two core competences under a single roof.

Adhesives Division
Currently our product pipeline includes more than 400 types of surface, construction, instant, and special adhesives for a multitude of different applications. A comprehensive selection of special cleaning agents, special products, and accessories also constitutes a part of our delivery program.

Composite Panels Division
Our composite panels consist exclusively of high-quality material composites and are joined using an adhesive that has been developed by our company exclusively for that purpose and proven its reliability over the course of many years, resulting in a premium composite panel that may fully convince in terms of quality, solidity and longevity.

Products and services

COSMO Adhesives
Currently our product line includes more than 400 types of surface and construction adhesives, instant glues and special adhesives for a multitude of different applications. A comprehensive selection of special cleaning agents, special products, and accessories also constitutes a part of our delivery program. Thus we offer our customers, only from one source, a universal program with solutions all around the topic of bonding.

On request, we are also prepared to modify our adhesive systems, adjusting them to the exact requirements of our customers.

COSMO Composite panels
Sandwich elements made by Weiss leave nothing to be desired. Because there is a large number of top coats and core materials available as well as there is the possibility of combining them in many different ways, a vast number of creative designs results for the finished element.

Our composite panels can be put together with a variety of different material combinations that can be designed individually.

Cosmo PU-200.280

Cosmo PU-200.280

2-C-PUR Reaction adhesive

Examples for Application
▪ Aluminium window and door manufacturing for bonding of corner connectors
▪ Structural, force-locking bonding of the most varying material
combinations, e.g. in the field of vehicle body manufacture.
▪ For bonding of Alu, HPL, GRP and other materials
▪ Joint restoration of gypsum fibre boards.

Special Properties
▪ Tough-hard adhesive joint
▪ Solvent-free
▪ Thixotropic, does not drop off
▪ Good weather-proofness

Cosmo HD-100.411

Cosmo HD-100.411

1-C-MS-Anti-Corrosion Sealant

Examples for Application
▪ Corrosion protection of blank aluminium sections
▪ Sealing, e.g. of mitres, butt joints in aluminium construction.
▪ Used for bonding and sealing in diverse industrial fields

Special Properties
▪ Very low emission
▪ Easily applicable
▪ Elastic adhesive joint
▪ Thixotropic, does not drop off
▪ Solvent-free
▪ Not foaming
▪ Joint filling
▪ Low shrinkage
▪ Good weather resistance outdoors
▪ Good UV-stability

Cosmo CL-300.150

Cosmo CL-300.150

Special cleaner
Examples for Application
▪ Removal of dust, adhesive residues of the protective film, marking pencil, rubber residues, fresh PUR foam and fresh sealant residues, as well as tar / bitumen spots
▪ Window and door construction for cleaning of powder-coated and anodized aluminum and PUR sections.
▪ Cleaning of lacquered surfaces in the plastic and metal processing industry.
▪ Cleaning of bonding surfaces before bonding.
▪ Removal of not cured residues of different adhesive systems.

News & Innovations

Cosmo Biobased Adhesives 

Our bio-based adhesives actively contribute to the protection of the environment: As innovative products, they have been developed with particular consideration for our limited resources, yet without losing sight of the top quality which we consider a matter of course. To a large extent, many of...| » Further reading 

Hybrid-polymer adhesives 

We have been working with hybrid-polymer adhesives, also called MS, STP or SPUR, for almost a decade now. The basic formula developed at the time has since been continuously expanded by a number of important variants. Together, all hybrid-polymer adhesives have a low impact on the person workin...| » Further reading 

QuickTape - self adhesive hard-foam board 

Quick Tape makes the fast and easy production of sandwich elements possible without the use of additional adhesive systems. Due to the instant adhesion of the top coats on the adhesive film, elements produced using Quick Tape can be used immediately. TP (thermoplastic polymer) is the ideal foam...| » Further reading 


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