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Hybrid-polymer adhesives

We have been working with hybrid-polymer adhesives, also called MS, STP or SPUR, for almost a decade now.

The basic formula developed at the time has since been continuously expanded by a number of important variants. Together, all hybrid-polymer adhesives have a low impact on the person working with the product, as they DO NOT CONTAIN ingredients such as isocyanate, solvent and other, strongly sensitizing substances dangerous to health.

The statement "Primer on board" is also to be taken literally, since no additional primer is needed for many materials – such as aluminium –, as opposed to other systems, for example on the basis of PUR.

Last but not least, all these products have excellent weathering resistance, for example against UV, moisture, frost, and heat. Since we feel that the tendency towards hybrid adhesives is clearly undiminished, we are continuously expanding our portfolio in order to meet the requirements of the markets or perhaps even actively shape future needs.

Exhibitor: Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

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